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12 December 2020 - 30 January 2021


Massimo Angèi

‘Bone Skin Spirit’ is a presentation of three separate solo exhibitions, from Richard Nott, Jim Carter and Massimo Angei, taking place on each floor of Anima Mundi. Material, physical and aesthetic properties are made to coalesce through significant time spent making with dexterity and focus, and through deep meditative, ritualistic process, a wider more universal concern is evoked. Each artist creates an intangible experience, ephemeral, transcending the singular physical nature of each of the exhibited works to communicate something far more expansive. Massimo Angèi’s elemental, tempestuous yet ethereal oil paintings reflect varied emotional states whilst remaining open to interpretation. Tableaus and forms are suggested but never fully established, perhaps evoking landscape, weather patterns, natural systems, inner psychology or spiritual connectedness. Veluptuous cloud-like billows intersperse with delicate spiralling marks forming an ecstatic unity reminiscent of both renaissance grandeur and primitive automatic drawing... Massimo Angèi was born in La Spezia, Italy, he currently lives and works in Sarzana, near the borderline between Liguria and Tuscany. Following art school, he collaborated with various institutions and museums exhibiting early representational depictions of flora and fauna. After finishing his degree at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara/Painting (Accademia di Belle ArtiPittura), he participated in his first exhibitions, and the creation of the Idioma group along with Marco Casentini, Fabio Linari, Jacopo Bruno, Andrea Geremia. He then began to work as an independent freelance photographer working for photo agencies including Grazia Neri of Milan, and Bilderberg of Hamburg, publishing his images in both Italian and international magazines. A vivid dream in the spring of 2006 made him realise that his destiny was as a painter, and he vowed to never again abandon it.

Anima Mundi Street-an-Pol St Ives Cornwall TR26 2DS UK

12 December 2020 - 30 January 2021