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Massimo Angèi



Massimo Angèi was born in 1962 in La Spezia, but he currently lives and works in Sarzana.
During his studies at the Artistic High School, he had been collaborating with various institutions and museums performing naturalistic illustrations. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, he participated in exhibitions and works of Idioma group along with Marco Casentini, Fabio Maria Linari, Jacopo Bruno and Andrea Geremia.
Massimo worked as a freelance photographer for the international publishing industry and started a cooperation with some renowned photo agencies like Grazia Neri in Milan and Bildeberg in Hambourg.
He also triggered an important collaboration with J. Holtzman, founder of NEST, a famous NY quarterly unconventional design magazine.
He followed with photography until 2006, then he went back to painting.
Among his main exhibitions we must mention “Artplace 88”, Berna, Svizzera (2009); “Vedoquadro”, Villa Pacchiani, Pisa (2009); “Zomerexposite”, Galerie Noordeinde, Den Haag, Olanda (2008); "Love Loss and Longing", Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, Usa (2007); Austellungsraumen der Stadttheaters, Ingolstadt, Germany (1984).


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