Jurgen Knubben

25 May 2018 - 25 July 2018

Menhir Arte Contemporanea gallery in Milan is pleased to announce the exhibition dedicated to Jürgen Knubben, a German sculptor who, for decades, has been carrying on a way of rigorous research, aimed for the comprehension of the shape for how it shows itself. Active since the Seventies, Knubben – born in Rottweil, in 1955 – throughout his career has been analysing in particular basic geometrical solids, from the pyramid to the sphere, from the cone to the parallelepiped, disassembling, reassembling and combining them again, constantly searching for new, potential meanings.


It’s the weathering steel which adds a further sense to his artworks, in the direction of a temporal stratification. The sculptor uses it in a preferential way, since it’s just in the works made with this material that Knubben aims to add a ‘fourth dimension’ to the shape, the temporal one. In some of his other works, the artist used some bronze and some rubber as well but always in a spirit of a fragile static, soft and continuously challenged by curves, folds and well evaluated asymmetries.

As well as in his country, Knubben also displayed internationally in several public and private spaces, from Switzerland to Finland, from China to Austria, from France to Taiwan but it’s Italy which can boast a privileged relationship with the German master. Our country welcame his sculptures in several occasions and several venues: from the Daniel Spoerri’s Garden, in Seggiano, to the Biennial of Sculpture of Racconigi; from the Falck ironworks in Vobarno to the Zappettini Foundation in Milan. His relationship with Italy also extends to the cultural and artistic tradition, as in the tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci (“The Last Supper”) or to Sandro Botticelli (“Venus”) or to the title of the series “Città ideale”, which includes works focused on imaginary architectural shapes. However, his references go farther back in time, as in the tribute to Nefertiti – which will be on display in the gallery -, already lead of an exhibition at the Egyptian Museum of Berlin.


With the solo exhibition dedicated to Knubben, Menhir Arte Contemporanea goes on in its exploration of rich and diverse panorama of the European Abstraction of the second post-war, after solo exhibitions of Noël Dolla, Hansjörg Glattfelder, Gianfranco Zappettini and the retrospective of Winfred Gaul. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue, enriched with a text by the curator, Alberto Rigoni.


Jurgen Knubben