Roberto Malquori Décollage | opere dagli anni Sessanta ad oggi

24 June 2017 - 01 September 2017
Via Mario Giuriati, 9

Menhir Arte Contemporanea is proud to present the solo exhibition of the artist Roberto Malquori that will open on Saturday, June 24th , in the La Spezia location.


The exhibition is developed around the most significant works that have characterized the production of the master Malquori from the end of the 60s until today. A punctual survey of the whole arc of the activity of this artist that allows the public to follow an itinerary full of cultural suggestions, but also linked to the evolution of customs and society. Roberto Malquori, from Florence, is one of those who have given birth to the Italian response to Pop art since the 1960s, quickly crossing the borders of our country with the originality of his work. He was, for example, the only compatriot to enter the Scandinavian situationist Bauhaus, an international movement founded in 1959 by Jörgen Nasch and Asger Jorn, central figures of the group theorized by Guy Debord. Malquori's creative activity acquires its maturity, with the original definition of a poetics that will then be developed with great consistency already in 1963, when the first works of extraordinary modernity called Iconospheres, Computers, Interrelations take shape.


In them, images taken from the world of mass media, words, faces and logos are piled up and regenerated, the object of a reworking on the canvases through the invention of a particular technique that the artist explains as follows: “A décollage, or transfer of images , assembled as I thought ... here, by combining them, multiplying them, superimposing them, I could represent the space full of the representations proposed continuously by the media ". After more than forty years of activity, Malquori is still the protagonist of an incessant search. In recent times, his works have also been updated, enriching themselves with icons drawn from the digital world, from virtual reality and from cyber-space.